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Authorities confirm fatalities, injuries numbering in the 100s

In a press conference just a few minutes ago, an official for the Texas Department of Public Safety, Trooper DL Wilson, reported that the scene in West, Texas following the fertilizer plant explosion is "just like" the Oklahoma City federal building bombing. He also compared what he's seen to that in Iraq, asa well. Among the highlights of his press conference:

  • 50-75 houses damage
  • 50 units damaged in apartments
  • 133 people evacuated from a nursing home
  • At least 100 people injured and transported to local hospitals
  • Some confirmed fatalities, number unknown, likely to be updated in the morning at 6 AM.
  • The area has been evacuated due to ammonia fumes, if the winds shift, they will be evacuated even further.

West's Mayor has also apparently indicated that between 5 and 7 first responders to the fire, before the explosion, are now unaccounted for. They are presumably among the fatalities that have been confirmed thus far.

UPDATE: The CEO of Hillcrest hospital in Waco has confirmed that they have treated more than 100 injuries in their hospital alone.