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West, Texas "Leveled" by Fertilizer Plant Explosion

The small town just north of Waco on IH-35 known mostly for its kolaches may be known for something else tonight, as reports are coming in from twitter that an explosion has taken place at a fertilizer plant there. Damage estimates so far can only be characterized as catastrophic.

KWTX in Waco appears to have the latest in coverage from the explosion, so check back there periodically. WFAA in Dallas also has details about the blast and the response in Central Texas. Eddie Middlebrook, someone I follow on twitter that lives in Waco, tweeted that his mother went into West to find his aunt and reported that parts of the town are "leveled." I've since seen that in other places, too.

Necessary Break.

I'm not a journalist by any means-- I'm a sports blogger in my spare time-- but I will try to update this thread as much as possible since this explosion is so close to Waco and Baylor. I'm sure people in Waco felt the concussion; there's almost no way they didn't.

If you see/hear something, please post it in the comments.

UPDATE: McLennan County police/fire scanner live feed.