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Friday Lunchtime West, Texas Explosion Update

I've been out of pocket most of the morning and thus have missed all of the latest news on the goings-on in Boston and the situation in West. I have no words for the kind of terror the citizens of Watertown and the larger Boston area must be feeling right now. You simply cannot expect a sequence of events to unfold like this, from the bombing to the murder of the policeman last night to the shootout and manhunt that continues into today. Horrifying.

As for the situation in West, there is both good and bad news. Let's start with the good:

Incredibly heartening to hear of the generosity of our Central Texas community (and from other places, as well).

Baylor students/faculty/staff now have another opportunity to give blood should they not have done it before.

They have apparently found and removed 12 bodies from the area, making the absolutely confirmed death toll now 12. But it is important to realize that some victims may not be able to be found considering the nature of the explosion, particularly first responders who were there at the scene. Cool gesture by the Czechs considering the origin of a wide portion of the West community. I'll keep updating this story, perhaps less frequently than before.