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Students bringing their donations to the trailer headed to West.
Students bringing their donations to the trailer headed to West.
Brandon Manupelli (@BManuppelli)

First, the newest links.

The Texas Rangers will be holding a donation drive during this weekend's series against the Mariners for the families in West, and will host a blood drive before Sunday's game.

Baylor's Dia Del Oso concert, featuring Five for Fighting and Ft. Worth natives Green River Ordinance has been moved from Fountain Mall to the Ferrell Center, and is free and open to the public. Donations will be accepted by Caritas at the Ferrell Center, and they are asking for "toothpaste, water bottles, baby formula, diapers, shampoo, conditioner, gently used clothing of all sizes, deodorant, clean towels and blankets, personal hygiene products, shoes and items for children." Also, there will be places to make monetary donations, and $1 from each concession item sold will be donated.

In the coming weeks, monetary donations will be of paramount need to start rebuilding the community, and Baylor offers a safe and secure way to do so. They do not accept PayPal, and I don't currently have a source that does.

Carter BloodCare has released a statement saying that donations will be needed across the next few weeks. If you were not able to donate today, go back in a couple of days. Three donation centers that will be accepting donors are Carter BloodCare Waco Donor Center (4332 W. Waco Dr.), Providence Hospital, (6901 Medical Pkwy, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. today), and Scott & White Blood Center (2401 S. 31st St, Temple).

Some personal observations from #DiaDelWest:

A few of my friends and I went to buy animal food to donate the Humane Society to help feed the animals displaced by this event. I cannot tell you how incredible it felt to see so many Baylor students at WalMart, pushing carts filled with blankets and clothing and supplies, all obviously intended for donation.

Chamber set up a donation site at Dia, behind the main stage, and the first trailer has just set off for West, filled with bottled water and supplies. Students gathered for prayer vigils at midnight and again this morning, coming together to support a community near and dear to Baylor's collective heart.

Finally, from Baylor's NewsFlash email: "Baylor has 43 faculty and staff, 13 students and 262 alumni who live in West." There has been no notification that anyone connected with the university was among the affected, but HR and Student Life have been contacting each person individually.