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Baylor Responds to West, Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

Baylor University has set up a page off the main website where it will place all information related to the situation developing tonight in West. The first update to that page states the following:

To the campus community:

The explosions tonight in West have shocked and saddened us all. We are eager to be of assistance.

Baylor is a cooperating organization with the McLennan County Office of Emergency Management, and we are prepared to provide services to those affected by this emergency. We remain in contact with emergency responders from the County, and also with local emergency response organizations. We will notify the campus community of any forthcoming requests for University assistance.

Local hospitals tonight have publicly identified the need for blood donations tomorrow. Please check with agencies if you wish to donate blood.

We continue in prayer this evening for all those impacted by this crisis, including those within the Baylor family.

Baylor University has set up a website at to provide more information about how the Baylor community can assist our friends and neighbors in West.

Also, tonight at midnight, Baylor students held an impromptu prayer meeting in front of Waco Hall on-campus.