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This Day in Baylor History: Baylor 61, TCU 58

On this day just two short years ago, the #5-ranked Baylor Bears erased a 21-point deficit in the fourth quarter to win one of the most thrilling games in CFB history.

(4-1, 1-1) 9/12

14 17 13 14 58
10 17 10 24 61

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Waco, Texas • Attendance: 46,803

(6-0, 3-0) 5/3

For those that don't recall, October 11, 2014 was a GREAT day in ODB and Baylor history.  Down 58-37 with 11:38 to go in the game, Bryce Petty and the Baylor Bears scored the next 24 points of the game to win it, culminating in Chris Callahan's 28-yard field goal as time expired. My favorite part of the aftermath was probably the Tweets of the Night, which was a particularly good post that night, if I do say so myself.  Ted also added a monumental Gif Post, Gary Patterson alleged that Orion Stewart threatened him, and we celebrated long into the night here at ODB.  Even the mothership got involved.

In case you'd forgotten how that game unfolded and have 3+ hours to spare, below is the full-length video of that incredible game:

Or, if you prefer to watch JUST the fourth quarter, you can do that, too: