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This Day in Baylor Football History: Baylor 45, Oklahoma 38

Bob Stoops takes the worst time out in his history.

Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

4 years ago today, ODB lived through the first Baylor Football game of its existence. It happened to be one of the biggest wins in program history.  Here's the box score courtesy of

To this day, perhaps my favorite part of the way that game ended-- aside from the fact that we won-- is that it didn't have to happen.  Baylor was content to take the game into overtime until Bob Stoops called a time out with :46 left in the game, and the rest, as they say, is history.  Robert Griffin III hit Terrance Williams for a 34-yard TD with seconds to go in the game and Baylor had its first win over Oklahoma in program history.

I'm going to search around for the Game Thread for that game, just to show you guys how much things have changed around here.