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This Day in Baylor History: November 19, 2011 -- RGIII's Heisman Moment

The first game in ODB's history turned out to be quite a doozy as Robert Griffin III and #25 Baylor stunned #5 Oklahoma with :08 remaining. It was the Bears' first win over OU in program history, and the first of three in the next four years.

Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

Three years ago today, the Baylor Bears, led by Heisman hopeful Robert Griffin III, shocked a heavily-favored Oklahoma team that had never lost to the Bears, winning the game on a 34-yard TD to Terrence Williams with just eight seconds remaining.  That last TD was just one of four Griffin threw as part of a performance that saw him go 21/34 for 479 yards and no interceptions, and just one of several iconic plays that day, including the 87-yard TD to Kendall Wright that deflected off the hands of a young Tevin Reese.

Below are a couple of videos for your enjoyment.  The first, meant more for those without the time to watch the second, has just the winning touchdown with Joe Tessitore calling the action for ESPN.  I'll remind you of possibly my favorite part of this entire game: that drive didn't have to happen.  Baylor was content to take the game to overtime after OU had tied the score at 38 and ran a dive with Terrance Ganaway on the first play of that drive.  It was only after Bob Stoops called a timeout following that play that Baylor started to get serious about trying to score.  On the next play, RGIII scrambled for 22 yards to get the Bears near midfield, then he added 8 more on the following play before hitting Wright for 12 to get to the OU 34.  The rest, as they say, is history.

The second video is, of course, the entire game. Watch at your leisure and enjoy a performance that had me writing headlines in all caps to posts saying almost nothing. Also, take note of the fact that we only had 31 comments in that thread, some of which weren't exactly kosher with the way we do things now.

Can you believe it's already been three years?