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For They are the We of Us -- The Immortal Ten

87 years ago today, 10 Baylor Bears died when a train collided with a bus carrying the men's basketball team in bad weather outside of Round Rock, Texas. We remember them as the Immortal Ten.

Today we honor the memory of ten Baylor Bears lost in a horrific accident on January 22, 1927 as the team traveled by bus to a basketball game against the Texas Longhorns. Somewhat unbelievably, that was 87 years ago. The bus involved in the accident carried 21 people, including coaches, players, and fans. Ten perished that night.

In addition to the memorial dedicated on campus to their memory in 2007, the Baylor community remembers the Immortal Ten every year at Homecoming during a candlelight ceremony for that year's freshman class. I consider it one of Baylor's most special traditions, particularly for students that come from out of state or are not Baylor legacies and that may not know the story beforehand. They certainly do after. It's been just over 10 years since I first heard it at that ceremony, and I don't think I will ever forget.

Visitors looking for more information on the tragedy can check Baylor's own official page, the release issued in 2007 regarding the dedication of the statue, and photos hosted by the Williamson County Historical Commission of the scene of the tragedy and the victims themselves (from the Baylor yearbook, not the scene).