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PODCAST: Talking Aranda’s Retention

Fank and Peter briefly discuss the final game of the 2023 football season, then discuss the decision to retain Head Coach Dave Aranda from various perspectives.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Baylor Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports

We all know now that Dave Aranda has been retained as the head coach of the Baylor Bears for the 2024 season. Jeff Grimes is out as Offensive Coordinator, and the search is on for the replacement. Several names are already off the board since this recording, but the word remains that Baylor is looking to have his replacement in place as fast as possible to deal with the transfer portal opening next week.

Fank and I are talking about our opinions of these moves and what we feel like the expectations for Baylor football in 2024 should be. We’re reacting to the Mack Rhoades Q&A that was posted on the official site on Monday, plus our thoughts on potential names for the OC, and reacting to the news that Blake Shapen will enter the transfer portal.

After picks, Fank makes mention of the Helberg Barbecue fire, which is absolutely devastating for the local Texas Monthly Top 50 barbecue joint. There’s no telling how long they will be closed, but a GoFundMe is active and raising funds to help out their staff while they deal with figuring out how to proceed from here. Here’s a tweet from George’s earlier this week with the details:


  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 02:59 - Briefly: West Virginia 34, Baylor 31
  • 09:07 - Where 2023 ranks in terms of stats
  • 16:04 - Dave Aranda to Remain Baylor’s Head Coach in 2024, Jeff Grimes out as OC
  • 28:52 - 2024 Expectations
  • 35:50 - Selling the Fanbase on the Move, Fixing the Issues
  • 41:33 - 2024 Schedule Isn’t Pretty
  • 43:49 - OC Hire, candidates, speed, importance
  • 53:29 - Blake Shapen in the Portal
  • 58:29 - Championship Picks
  • 1:15:49 - Outro (and Support Helberg Barbecue)


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