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PODCAST: Manhattan Murdle Mystery

Fank and Pope are back on the podcast to briefly recap K-State and preview TCU, but then turn to more important matters like the coaching situation and the terrible rivalry name.

Originally shared by Kolton Fletcher on Twitter, credit @THELudacliff on Twitter
Originally shared by Kolton Fletcher on Twitter, credit @THELudacliff on Twitter

Officially eliminated from bowl contention, twilight draws near for the 2023 Baylor Bears football team. We’re soldiering on this week, talking about the 59-25 murdling at the hands of the Kansas State Wildcats. We’re also spending some time talking about the new name for the rivalry with the TCU Horned Frogs (and what it should really be called) and looking at that game a bit before talking Big 12 and Picks.

But perhaps most importantly, we’re having a frank conversation about the status of the coaching staff in 2023. We’ve been a bit hesitant about the topic, just because these are people’s livelihoods we’re discussing and, let’s be honest, we’re just two average joes with microphones, but we thought the time was ripe for us to begin the conversation.

A Note About Big 12 Championship Scenarios

Given the season’s difficulties for Baylor, I’ve found enjoyment in the potential chaos that is the top of the Big 12 and potential tiebreaker scenarios that might prevent a couple of teams from making it to the championship game in Arlington in a couple of weeks. Despite some of the clarity that recent weeks have brought, there still exists the possibility of complete, and utter chaos, as evidenced by Max Olson’s 8-way tie for first scenario he tweeted about on Monday:

Prior to seeing his tweet I’d also found the same tiebreaker calculator used, courtesy of Twitter user mred53 (shouts to the Ten12 Network who pointed me to it). It is pretty nifty; it lets you devise all sorts of permutations on the next two weeks to see what kind of chaos you can generate in the Big 12 standings... and trust me, it’s a lot.

The problem is, the Big 12 Tiebreaker Procedures are horribly worded. It can be pretty difficult to decipher, and even mred53 admits that his calculator is based on several assumptions regarding the wording. Berry Tramel picked up on this as well and wrote about it. His story went live after we recorded. Apparently the Big 12 is likely going to issue some clarifications after a meeting of the Athletic Directors today. I may do a write-up of the clarifications after they drop. We’ll see.

Anyway, I figured I’d point this out, since I saw Tramel’s article about it after we’d finished recording yesterday.

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 02:39 - Kansas State 59, Baylor 25
  • 13:50 - A Frank Conversation with Fank
  • 35:02 - We’re Not Calling It That
  • 43:51 - TCU Preview
  • 52:46 - Big 12 Update
  • 58:43 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:11:25 - Outro


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