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Podcast: Talking Baseball with Max Garner

Baylor baseball legend Max Garner joins Fank and Peter to talk about the 2023 baseball team, the hiring of Mitch Thompson, and much more. It’s a baseballpod!

NCAA Baseball: Regional-Baylor vs California Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Last week Fank and I sat down with Baylor baseball legend Max Garner to talk about the Baylor Bears Baseball team and the state of the program as it heads into the 2023 season with a brand new coach and an interesting roster. It’s a fun time for the first-ever baseballpod!

Show Notes

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:42 - Mitch Thompson Hiring
  • 09:26 - Turning Over a New Leaf
  • 12:17 - Scholarships and Recruiting
  • 21:28 - 2023 Season Expectations and Roster
  • 43:15 - Schedule
  • 45:50 - Facilities, What the Program Needs from Fans
  • 50:47 - Max had to Bounce, continuing the discussion
  • 55:57 - Outro

PROGRAMMING NOTE: At the end of the show I mention that we will be recording a podcast with Travis Roeder to recap the 2023 Baylor football signing class. At this point, those plans are up in the air due to the fact that the computer I use to record the podcasts appears to be on its last legs. I’d originally intended to get this episode out on Monday but couldn’t get the machine to work, and while it worked this morning, it still had some hangups. We may have to punt on the roster podcast until I can get that sorted out. Thanks for your patience!

Listen to the Show!

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