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Podcast: Oklahoma Recap, Kansas State Preview

The gang takes a look back at Baylor’s gritty win in Norman over the Oklahoma Sooners before looking ahead to a huge matchup against Kansas State under the lights at McLane Stadium on Saturday.

NCAA Football: Baylor at Oklahoma Chris Jones-USA TODAY Sports

After last week’s upload fiasco where I uploaded the show at editing speed instead of listening speed to start, we’re back at normal speed this week. We recorded early on Wednesday, so of course after we recorded the news broke that a Baylor fan had bought a bunch of tickets and were giving them out for free, and then this:

So, naturally, you’ll hear nothing about it on the podcast. Our timing remains sublime. What you WILL hear about, however, is how Baylor was able to grit out a tough win in Norman over the Oklahoma Sooners in a game where the Bears certainly didn’t put on their best showing but were still able to come away with a win. We’re also looking ahead to a very tough matchup against the Kansas State Wildcats. Both teams need a W to stay in the discussion of the Big 12 title hunt. It’s a huge game. Get there.

Here’s What We’re Talking About

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 02:07 - Baylor 38, Oklahoma 35: 50K Foot View
  • 07:35 - Broadcast Blues & Ingame Atmosphere
  • 13:04 - Offensive Performance
  • 15:20 - The Sqwirl Unleashed, Offensive Line and Rushing Attack Thrives
  • 23:47 - Not Shapen’s Best, but Solid Enough
  • 26:13 - That Jordan Nabors TD Play
  • 29:30 - Defense
  • 43:53 - K-State Preview
  • 47:48 - Baylor Defense vs. K-State Offense
  • 56:31 - Baylor Offense vs. K-State Defense
  • 1:04:19 - Picks of the Week

Listen to the Show

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Thanks for listening, everyone. Sic ‘em.