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Podcast: Oklahoma State Recap, Big 12 Roundup with Shehan Jeyarajah

Fank and Peter recap the tough loss to Oklahoma State, then take a spin around the Big 12 and other topics with CBS Sports’ Shehan Jeyarajah!

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

There are fewer things that are more frustrating as a fan than a bye week following a frustrating loss. That’s where we find ourselves this week, but we’re soldiering on as best as we can. Coffey missed the game last week and is taking the bye week opportunity to catch up on things that actually matter, so Fank and I are taking a look back at Oklahoma State’s victory over the Baylor Bears last Saturday. Then we welcome CBS Sports national CFB writer Shehan Jeyarajah to the show for the first time ever, which I honestly can’t fathom why it’s worked out that way. Shehan joins us to take a look around the Big 12 to discuss the biggest surprises in the conference, the expanded playoffs, realignment and much, much more.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Here’s What We’re Talking About

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:30 - Oklahoma State 36, Baylor 25: 50K Foot View
  • 06:02 - McLane Stadium Atmosphere
  • 08:29 - Oklahoma State Executed their Plan
  • 11:58 - Defensive Struggles
  • 14:34 - Energy Issues Again
  • 15:47 - Positives: Shapen Solid
  • 19:10 - Hello Monaray Baldwin!
  • 20:58 - Defense Rebounds a Bit
  • 23:50 - Offense Couldn’t Finish
  • 27:30 - Welcome Shehan Jeyarajah
  • 30:06 - State of the Big 12
  • 37:48 - Non-Kansas Surprises
  • 47:28 - Shehan’s Big 12 Championship Predictions
  • 52:20 - Coaching Carousel
  • 57:09 - Expanded Playoff
  • 1:05:14 - Conference Realignment
  • 1:08:25 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:33:38 - Outro

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Thanks for listening, everybody!