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Podcast: Texas State Recap, Iowa State Preview

Coffey, Fank and Peter break down a fairly straightfoward win against Texas State that neither blew us away nor was as frustrating as the initial reactions would indicate, then look ahead to a pivotal matchup against Iowa State.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Last week was another win that did little to inspire a ton of confidence in the fan base... but given the circumstances of the schedule, I’m pretty convinced there was no performance that would have accomplished that goal. The Bears faced off against a Sun Belt opponent sandwiched between two monumental road games in BYU and Iowa State, and walked away with a 42-7 win that was, for all intents and purposes, workmanlike. They seemed to struggle in the first half before taking the game over. Despite what appeared to be early struggles on both sides of the ball, they scored almost at will in the second half while dominating on defense, preventing the Bobcats from rushing for more than 100 yards and only giving up 7 points on the day.

We’re talking about it on the podcast, then turning our eyes towards another tremendous road challenge on Saturday in Ames, Iowa against the Iowa State Cyclones. We’re excited for this one. It’s going to be a battle.

  • 00:00 - Cold Open & Intro
  • 06:59 - Baylor 42, Texas State 7: 50K Foot View
  • 10:23 - Veterans Out, Youth Getting Reps and Experience
  • 14:01 - Richard Reese’s Performance
  • 19:31 - Offensive Line Performance
  • 21:37 - BLAKE KEEPS IT
  • 27:04 - Seth Jons & WR Performance
  • 35:17 - More on Shapen
  • 37:42 - Defensive Performance
  • 49:01 - Iowa State Preview
  • 54:57 - Iowa State’s O vs. Baylor’s D
  • 1:04:08 - Baylor’s O vs. Iowa State’s D
  • 1:14:11 - Picks of the Week
  • 1:30:22 - Outro

Click this link to download the episode directly