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PODCAST: Seth Russell Previews Baylor’s Offense

Seth Russell joins Fank and Pope to help break down the 2022 offense and what we might expect from this intriguing unit.

Baylor v Texas Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

We’re less than two weeks away from real, actual Baylor Bears football, and the excitement is palpable at this point. Circumstances conspired against us recording last week, but the delay meant that we were able to welcome legendary Baylor Quarterback Seth Russell to the podcast for the first time to help us take a look at what we might expect from the 2022 offense.

This offense is perhaps the most intriguing offense we’ve previewed on the podcast because virtually all of the experience is stacked up on the offensive line. While experience at skill positions may be somewhat limited, there’s experience aplenty on the line, which should be able to compensate for some youthful mistakes that may be made. And, though skill positions lack experience, there’s no want for talent. We’re talking about it all with Seth!

  • 00:00 - Intro: Welcome Seth Russell
  • 04:36 - Apu Ika & Connor Galvin: 2nd Team AP Preseason All Americans
  • 09:07 - Baylor Offense: Initial Thoughts
  • 17:10 - Quarterbacks 29:43 - Offensive Line
  • 41:08 - Tight Ends
  • 51:06 - Running Backs
  • 1:05:39 - Wide Receivers
  • 1:16:58 - Final Expectations for the Offense
  • 1:22:41 - Outro

We had a good time recording this one, and hope you enjoy listening. We’ll be back later this week to look at the defense. Travis Roeder will join to help us deep dive on the defensive side of the ball.

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Thanks for listening, everybody. Sic ‘em.