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Podcast: College Football is Super Dumb (and we love it), with the Solid Verbal’s Ty Hildenbrandt

Ty Hildenbrandt, co-host of the Solid Verbal, joins Fank and Peter to talk about this dumb sport of college football that we all love so much, the 2021 Baylor football season, and much more.

NCAA Football: Big 12 Football Championship-Baylor vs Oklahoma State Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

When Mark first broached the subject of recording a Baylor-centric podcast in 2013, I immediately gave an enthusiastic YES to taking it on. I fell in love with podcasts in the mid-2000s and had always thought it would be fun to do one. Thing was, I didn’t know the first thing about recording a podcast. I’d been listening to The Solid Verbal, the granddaddy of college football podcasts, for quite some time and decided to take a shot in the dark and reach out to Ty Hildenbrandt, the co-host of the show, and see if he was willing to offer me some tips or suggestions. Little did I know.

Ty responded immediately to my email and we talked shop frequently throughout that 2013 season. He gave me gear recommendations, recording ideas, suggestions and advice. He joined as one of our first guests on the podcast and has truly been a mentor to me in podcasting since then. As our recording situation evolved and we stopped doing guests all that often, we didn’t have the chance to get him back on, but we’ve finally made it happen again.

We’re happy to welcome back to OurDailyPodcast Ty Hildenbrandt, co-host and producer of The Solid Verbal, the best college football podcast there is. Ty’s joining us to talk about the stupidity of college football (and why we love it), the 2021 Baylor Bears season and how it took us all by surprise, the insanity of this season’s coaching carousel, and much, much more.

Thanks for joining us, Ty!

  • 00:00 - Welcome Ty Hildenbrandt of the Solid Verbal
  • 03:57 - Co-hosting the Solid Verbal full-time
  • 09:24 - College Football is Dumb and Fun
  • 15:25 - Coaching Carousel Madness
  • 30:31 - Baylor’s 2021 Season
  • 57:26 - Thoughts on the 12-team CFP from a Notre Dame fan
  • 1:03:53 - Ty’s Sugar Bowl Thoughts
  • 1:13:50 - Outro

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