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Podcast: West Virginia Recap

Coffey, Fank & Peter look back and try to make sense of a dismal Baylor offensive and special teams performance against West Virginia, but also look on the bright side at the impressive defensive performance despite a depleted roster.

NCAA Football: Baylor at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

What a frustrating experience that was on Saturday. The broadcast was objectively terrible, with ESPN bringing what felt like 3 handycams they picked up at Circuit City in 2002, the broadcasters seemed more interested in discussing the NFL than the game unfolding on the field, when the officiating wasn’t getting calls wrong, they were taking approximately 17 minutes per flag to discuss what their call was going to be... And then there was the offense.

We’re breaking down all of that, focusing on the results produced by a three-headed monster of poor offensive line protection, a quarterback whose arm strength seems to have failed, and wide receivers not finishing routes and getting open. But, there are silver linings... like a depleted Baylor Bears defense holding the West Virginia Mountaineers to 14 points in regulation. Jalen Pitre and Terrel Bernard led this defense to an impressive performance that, while not without its flaws, should have been enough to enable the offense to score enough points for the win. Alas, it did not happen.

We’re talking about all of that this week on the podcast. And hey, another bright side! We’re doing much better in our picks of the week! HA!


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