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Podcast 213: Welcome to Baylor, Dave Aranda

Coffey, Fank, & Pope break down the coaching search, candidates, the hiring of Dave Aranda, impressions and next steps! Let’s go!

Baylor Football Head Coach Dave Aranda
There it is. The first photo of Dave Aranda at Baylor in our editor.
Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports

Since you’re reading this, I’m assuming that you’ve not been living under a rock for the better part of the last week and know the news: Former LSU Tigers Defensive Coordinator Dave Aranda is your new Baylor Bears Football Head Coach. Naturally, now that the press conference and introductions have been made, we’re talking about it on the podcast!

All of this is said in the episode, but Coach Aranda feels right for this time in Baylor Football’s trajectory. Soft-spoken yet intelligent, thoughtful, and earnest, comparisons between Coach Aranda and Matt Rhule begin and end there. There’s no question that both love this sport and have a passion for their players, but with completely different approaches. We think that’s spectacular.

So, we’re discussing the search, lauding Athletic Director Mack Rhoades for yet another thorough and opaque hiring process (seriously, there were zero leaks from the Baylor side that gave any indication until the last minute), our impressions of Coach Aranda from the weekend and his press conference, the building of the staff, and what the next steps are for this program as they head into crunch time for the 2020 recruiting class.

Some items referenced in this show:

Aranda’s reaction to the National Championship Win:

Mack Rhoades’ interview with David Smoak:

Baylor flips Michigan OL Commit Micah Mazzccua:

We hope you enjoy!

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