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Podcast 185: The Brothers Lynch

Coffey, Fank, and Peter break down the SFA game and take a quick look ahead to the matchup with UTSA

NCAA Football: Stephen F. Austin at Baylor
This is Blake Lynch. His brother, James, is not pictured. Also, not his brother.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Coffey’s making his triumphant return and giving us his surprising picks for the Bears’ season. He has the benefit of watching the first week of games, but we’re going to let that slide. You’re going to want to hear his picks.

Next up, we’re sliding into that sweet sweet recap of Baylor’s win over SFA. We’re talking about, obviously, the Brothers Lynch (James Lynch and Blake Lynch, obviously not actual brothers, but c’mon, why haven’t they been coined the Lynch Brothers yet?), the solid defensive performance helmed by those two along with Clay Johnston, Bravvion Roy, and hard hits courtesy of Chris Miller. Next up we’re talking about the impressive performance of Trestan Ebner, correcting the record on John Lovett’s excellent day, and discussing briefly the performance of the offensive line.

After that, we’re on to the UTSA Roadrunners and their intriguing quarterback Frank Harris. What kind of challenge will he pose to this fledgling defense? How will the offensive line, which was sometimes inconsistent against SFA, hold up against the strength of UTSA’s defense? We’re talking about all of this.

Plus: Picks of the week!! Weird week this week.