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PODCAST 186: It’s a Bye Week

Coffey, Fank and Pope console each other on account of a lack of Baylor football this weekend by looking back at a dominant performance over UTSA and take stock of things as they presently stand.

“This field is super hot!”
“Ooh! Ahh! Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot!” -Baylor line runners, probably
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

There was a TON of good stuff to talk about from last weekend’s game, and we spend the bulk of our time on the podcast doing just that. There is very little negative to say here after this Baylor Bears team played with some serious maturity in their 63-14 win over UTSA. That was a lot of fun, y’all. Denzel Mims and Grayland Arnold had fantastic days, but we’re deep-diving on both sides of the ball to single out the contributors in what was a clinical performance.

We’re also using this bye (open?) week to take stock of the current state of the team through Week 2, what we know, what we don’t, and how much of the current situation can be attributed to the level of competition (spoiler: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯... yeah).

Volleyball deserves a shout-out here too. They’re on an absolute tear, earning themselves not only a program-first Top 10 ranking, but Top 5 as well! Go see ‘em. They’re in town all weekend.

Lastly, we’re using Picks of the Week to look ahead to what could be a revealing weekend for the Big 12 conference. Lots of potentially interesting games for the Big 12, even if the rest of the slate isn’t all that compelling. Here’s hoping they give us a better insight into where the conference is before we wrap up the non-con slate.

Anyway here’s Wonderwall.

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