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PODCAST 184: 2019 Season Preview & Predictions Show

It’s finally football, y’all. Let’s predict how this season plays out.

It’s football season, y’all. Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

FOOTBALL IS FINALLY BACK!!! There are games tonight (aside: the first Thursday night of the season is the only time that I approve of major college football on a Thursday night. That and Thanksgiving I guess) and then Saturday, your Baylor Bears finally take the newly-installed turf at McLane Stadium.

Coffey was indisposed last night, so it falls to Fank and I to give you our season predictions, which we’re doing. Plus PICKS! Get hyped.

I don’t have much else to say here, so I’ll leave you with some logistical stuff. If you’re making your way to Waco for the game, be sure to know your route to your preferred place of parking and plan accordingly. There are quite a few road closures, and the construction on I-35 should make things fairly nightmarish. Baylor is officially recommending you consult the Waze App in making your travel plans so that you can be sure to avoid as much congestion as possible. If your parking is impacted, we’re suggesting you make extra time to get there so that you can attain maximum enjoyment of pregame festivities as well as the game itself.

It’s football season, y’all. The winter of our discontent is no more.