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OurDailyPodcast #202: Eleven and One

Coffey, Fank, and Pope discuss the fact that Baylor football is 11-1, recap that dominant win over Kansas that is a great tune-up for the Championship, then look ahead to the potential bowl scenarios for the Bears. Plus Sour Grapes with Amy and Etta!

NCAA Football: Baylor at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Well I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving holiday! Your Baylor Bears did, capping off what’s been an amazing regular season with an absolute dismantling of the Kansas Jayhawks.

Before we get to that, we’re talking about this unprecedented 11-1 regular season that ties the program record for wins... with multiple games left to play. Elliot Coffey was the closest to predicting this, predicting that the Bears would go 10-2. David and I both thought the team would be 9-3, and while I thought there was an outside shot at 11-1, I was completely wrong about what needed to happen. We briefly discuss Second Order Wins (an SP+ metric of how good vs. how lucky your team is) and how Baylor’s total indicates that this team is actually REALLY good and this isn’t just a fluke.

Next up we’re moving into the Kansas recap, looking at an absolutely dominant 61-6 game in which the Bears executed a full four quarters of near-flawless football. It was an impressive performance from start to finish, with a multitude of Baylor players getting in on the action. And hey! Not only did Gerry Bohanon get some meaningful action, we saw Jacob Zeno score his first touchdown, and the return of Qualan Jones! Grayland Arnold is a freaking ball hawk, and there are multiple guys registering tackles and interceptions that we didn’t know were even on the team. It was fun, y’all.

Lastly, we’re discussing and debating the potential bowl scenarios that Baylor may find itself in come Sunday morning/afternoon. We’re debating a couple of points here too. I take devil’s advocate on an LSU scenario, probably a bit too strongly, but hey I am kind of under the weather.

Sour Grapes Podcast!

Next up is Episode 6 of Sour Grapes with Amy and Etta, and they’re here for some delicious season-ending reactions from rivals and sad tweets all around. It’s a delightful time.

Click here to listen if the streaming box doesn’t work for you!


If you’re on Twitter, you know that Amy Pagitt has been requesting a re-release of the “Welcome to Baylor, Coach Matt Rhule” podcast that Mark, Fank and I recorded on the day that he was formally introduced as the next head coach of Baylor football. It’s an entertaining listen if you haven’t heard it, and if you have, it’s fun to go back and listen again. It’s wild to me to see just how right we were about some things, and how wrong we were about some others (see: record in 2017, 2018, how quickly we’d be in the hunt for the Big 12 again). Give it a listen, if you so desire!