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OurDailyPodcast 195: Let’s Go 1-0 Against TCU

Coffey, Fank, & Pope talk about the new College Football Playoff Rankings (and why they don’t matter), plus looking at a massive matchup with TCU and what Baylor needs to do to emerge 1-0 on the weekend.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Baylor
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The Revivalry is upon us! It’s time for Baylor‘s annual dogfight against TCU on Saturday at 11am.

BUT WAIT! There were College Football Playoff rankings that dropped this week for the first time in the 2019 season. If you didn’t know, Baylor checks in at #12, while OU at #9, Kansas State at #16, and Oklahoma State at #23 round out the Big 12’s presence in the Top 25. LOOK. We could be upset about Baylor’s position in this rankings, relative to the squads that they’ve defeated that also check into the Top 25, but realistically, Baylor’s gotta go 13-0 to have a shot at getting into the Playoff... and we’re talking about that for a bit. Plus, we’re talking about the fact that this team was 1-11 two years ago, and yet here we are. Hey. Look at us. LOOK AT US. Who would’ve thought?

Next up, we’re breaking down the matchup against TCU on Saturday. Transfer QB Alex Delton has left the team. Max Duggan has a nasty finger injury. I mentioned in the show that I’d share the tweet, but upon reflection, I’ve decided that I’ll link it, because it’s kinda ugly. Click at your own discretion. Patterson has indicated that he might play, but is that just gamesmanship? Does the job fall on the shoulders of transfer Matthew Baldwin who has just been cleared from both injury and transfer portals? Or will it be Matthew Downing? Or does it even matter?

We believe this game is won or lost with the offense. Coffey gives us an excellent breakdown of TCU’s defense, the challenges that the offense face, and potential avenues of exploit. You’re not going to want to miss it.

Sic ‘em. Let’s go 1-0 this week.

Here’s the link in case you can’t see the streaming box.