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OurDailyPodcast #199: This One Stings, Plus Sour Grapes #4

Coffey, Fank & Pope break down the good and bad of an amazing day in Waco that included College GameDay, an incredible atmosphere, an amazing first half and a disappointing finish. Amy & Etta are back with Sour Grapes to help us all feel better!

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This is a tough one to do, but we’re all back to break down the good and bad of Saturday’s disappointing finish against the Oklahoma Sooners. We’re breaking down an amazing atmosphere that included a fantastic College GameDay and crowd, an electric atmosphere both inside the stadium and out, and of course we’re looking at the positives of the game and what went wrong in the second half. It’s easy to point fingers at specific things, but it was a combination of events including a disastrous Third Quarter where the Bears held the ball for all of 4 plays and 1:42. And that was due in no small part to Lincoln Riley’s offensive adjustments at halftime and a strong performance by Jalen Hurts to lead his team to victory. Even when they weren’t scoring, they chewed clock and ketp the ball away from Baylor’s offense. In short, they took Baylor’s game plan and used it against the Bears to near perfection.

Stick around for Sour Grapes podcast with Amy & Etta, who aren’t above looking at our own sad tweets a bit before officially turning the page to look at Texas this coming Saturday. Enjoy!

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