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OurDailyPodcast #198: Ready.

With Fank away, Coffey and Pope are joined by Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty to talk all things Oklahoma, College GameDay, Playoff Rankings, and more!

Oklahoma v Baylor Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Fank is off away this week, so we had to find a replacement to fill in for him while he’s off in some gorgeous place. So, we got none other than legendary quarterback and two-time Big 12 Champion Bryce Petty to help us break down the Bears‘ upcoming tilt with Oklahoma!

First off, HUGE thanks to Bryce for joining us on this episode to help us talk through Oklahoma and take a look at the OU games of the past. Also, massive thanks to Elliot Coffey for coordinating and making this happen. All credit to him!

So, we’re juuuuuust a bit all over the place here. BUT WHO CARES IT’S BRYCE PETTY. We’re talking the genesis of “ready for OU,” the great OU games that Bryce helped engineer, including that amazing drive in the 2014 game in Norman and the 2013 BlackOUt game in Waco. Bryce expects a similar sort of atmosphere on Saturday, so let’s not disappoint him.

Then we shift into this weekend’s tilt, talking about what has to happen to win. In two word: JaMycal Hasty. There are yards to be had against this defense, and if Charlie Brewer can exploit them, they would do well to utilize Hasty, John Lovett and Trestan Ebner to control the clock and keep the ball away from this explosive OU offense. Can the defense get a fast start, so that they can then slow things down?

Coffey can’t help himself, but he’s got to talk (rant?) about the Playoff Rankings for a bit. He’s right, y’all. Then we’ve got some brief College GameDay discussion, then it’s back to the preview.

Let’s be real: this is the most dynamic offense the Bears have faced yet. They’ve been rock solid on defense, but can James Lynch, Bravvion Roy, and James Lockhart disrupt Heisman contender Jalen Hurts ‘ rhythm? How do the Bears shut down CeeDee Lamb? What about the RB corps that’s still potent, despite missing Trey Sermon? We’re talking all about it.

Plus, Picks!

Once again, massive thanks to Bryce Petty for joining the show to talk iconic moments in this matchup’s history and to look ahead to this weekend’s tilt. I personally had a blast, and I’m super excited for y’all to have a listen.

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