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PODCAST 193: Big 12 Red Wedding & Sour Grapes with Amy & Etta

Coffey, Fank, & Peter do their usual thing, recapping a wild weekend in Big 12 Football and looking forward to a Halloween matchup against West Virginia. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Amy Pagitt and Bayloretta take to the air waves to have some good natured fun.

NCAA Football: Baylor at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

First things first: last weekend was absolutely WILD. It’s been called the Big 12’s Red Wedding (or Purple Wedding) and that’s pretty apropos of what happened. OU lost. Iowa State lost. Texas lost. Aaaaaaaand Texas Tech lost in possibly the weirdest fashion outside of trying to punch in an additional touchdown when you’re up in a game and time’s expiring. TOO SOON PETER. And yes I know that was 20 years ago this fall. Anyway, we’re talking about that, the implications for Baylor, and how it impacts the rest of the season.

Then we’re talking about the Growloween game against the West Virginia Mountaineers. There’s more than a little revenge component to this game, and Matt Rhule’s talked about it a bit over the past couple of weeks. The Mountaineers are a team in full rebuild mode, and we’re breaking down some of the stats that show it. But make no mistake: The Bears cannot afford to take any team for granted, especially on a national stage on a Thursday night.

Then we’re talking picks, of course! And trying to shut it down a touch early, because it was time for...


In an ODP (and perhaps Baylor podcast sphere?) first, Amy Pagitt and Bayloretta team up to spend some time perusing the misery of opposing fans’ message boards. It was borne out of a seemingly innocuous tweet:

But it grew. Etta signed on, and what you have is the very first all-female podcast segment. I would absolutely have posted this as its own show, but given that we recorded on the same night, I figured better to add it as its own segment in the same podcast.

I gotta say, I thought they killed it. Please, PLEASE do not take this too seriously. Also do not take this as a sign of the team’s focus. No one involved with ODP is a current player, nor are they advocating for anything other than focus on WVU for the actual team. Relax. Have some fun with this. They did, and it’s absolutely delightful.

Well done, Amy and Etta. Very well done indeed.

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