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Podcast # 152 - The Duke-Kansas Sandwich

We’re talking about a basketball team’s nightmare in playing Duke and Kansas back-to-back... Thankfully, it’s football and not basketball.

NCAA Football: Duke at Baylor
NOT pass interference, apparently
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back! Not the result we were hoping for against Duke, but Baylor has a shot at redemption against Kansas. We’re talking about both on the podcast. Here’s what Coffey, Fank and I are talking about:

  • Really frustrating performance by the team, especially in the first half
  • That third down TD run and defensive alignment: what?
  • I call it the most demoralizing first half in recent memory, but Coff provides some perspective: this team is still absurdly young.
  • Execution issues
  • Improved performance in the second half, but just not enough
  • Some highlights in Tyquan Thornton and James Lynch
  • The QB “Battle” and how difficult it is to choose between Jalan McClendon and Charlie Brewer based on performance
  • Does the QB situation impact the WR drop issues?
  • Kansas... They’re no pushover any more
  • Depth at the RB position, and one of the best RB names
  • Weather: It will likely impact the game
  • Picks of the Week - SPOILER: We’re still bad at this.


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