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Podcast: Sailor Bear, Don't Care!

Fank and Peter recap the come-from-behind Homecoming victory over Oklahoma State then look ahead to a challenging matchup against Iowa State in Ames on Saturday

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Wednesday, everybody. Everyone still basking in the glow of Baylor over Oklahoma State? Coffey is on vacation this week, so he was unable to join us on the podcast, but he did send in his picks of the week just in the nick of time! Woohoo! So, you get to enjoy the wonderful tones of Fank (all the way from the frozen North!) and mine too. Here’s what we’re discussing:

Oklahoma State Recap!

  • Holy. Cow. We’re still riding high on emotion after that game, so we bounce around a little bit, giving props as best we can where they’re due.
  • But because we bounced around and I didn’t keep a direct record of what all we talked about, I’m going to let you listen to the show and find out yourself instead of signposting it here. Sorry!


  • Yeah, we almost forgot to talk about those helmets. Our bad.
  • We both think they’re amazing. We’d like to see them put into the rotation.
  • We also wouldn’t mind seeing a black-helmet version. I dunno, maybe against TCU?

Iowa State Preview

  • We spent so much time on the Homecoming Win that we didn’t have that much time here for Iowa State
  • Gotta say, we’re not fans of this matchup, especially in Ames, especially with the weather will be on Saturday. But, at least 2:30??

Plus we’re doing our regular Picks of the Week. Coffey slides in under the deadline with his picks via text.


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