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PODCAST: TCU Recap, BU-TT Bowl Preview

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Coffey, Fank, & Pope bring you a Thanksgiving podcast of BUTT proportions! We’re recapping the butt that was the TCU game and the BU-TT to come!

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that TCU game went in no way like we expected or hoped it would. But we’re talking about it on the podcast, plus we’re talking about the BU-TT bowl: the annual showdown between the Baylor Bears and the Texas Tech Red Raiders! It’s exciting and could be terrible too. We’ll find out on Saturday!

(Side Note: I completely forgot that Hornbeak and Kendall dropped a basketpod last week, so I incorrectly stated the podcast as 162 instead of 163. My bad!)

We hope you enjoy this podcast that we recorded last night, but are dropping on Thanksgiving Day. We hope that your day is filled with delicious food and the excellent company of family and friends. We’re thankful for you, dear listener, for being the silent fourth person in our conversation all season. We hope your Thanksgiving is filled with joy and peace. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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