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Podcast: Have you Hurd? Baylor is 4-2!

The list of “goods” is getting longer, and while the “bads” may be fewer in number, they are no less glaring. We’re recapping K-State and looking at Texas on this week’s podcast!

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

After a week that was frustrating, Baylor netted its first come-from-behind victory of the Matt Rhule Era last Saturday against K-State. While there are definite things to improve, there’s really a lot to like from last Saturday, and we’re talking about it this week. While the list of “bads” is shrinking, that doesn’t mean those things are any less glaring. They’re thrown into pretty sharp contrast with the stuff that’s going well, in fact. We’re talking about those things too, plus looking forward to a huge tilt in Austin against Texas on Saturday.

Here’s what we’re talking about:

K-State - The Good:

  • Jalen Hurd is growing, and we’re seeing exactly what we hoped for from him
  • Craig Williams SQWIRL!!!!
  • Denzel Mims and That Catch
  • That Final Drive was a thing of beauty
  • Charlie Brewer does Charlie Brewer things
  • Defense makes some plays! Shoutout to Jairon McVea and Christian Morgan for their clutch INTs

K-State - The Bad:

  • Shehan Jeyarajah fed Coffey some stats and they are pretty depressing*
  • Safety play continues to be a liability in a big way
  • Is Clay Johnston hurt?
  • BUT: Remember, this is Year Two. These things take time. There ARE improvements

*If you live under a rock, you might not know that Shehan joined the good folks at Dave Campbell’s Texas Football this fall and is doing GREAT work covering college football for them. The piece linked above is well worth your time. Congrats, Shehan!

We’re also talking about Texas. They’re a very solid team, and they’re flying high after a huge win against Oklahoma that vaulted the Longhorns into the Top 10. We’re looking at what Baylor can do to win this football game. There are some ways, but it’s going to take a near-perfect game.

Plus Picks of the Week! SPOILER: We’re bad at this. Like, really bad.

Thanks for listening!


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