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Podcast #129: Elliot Coffey and the Podcast Formerly Known as ODP

Elliot Coffey joins the show to bring some much-needed balance and perspective to the loss against Liberty, plus a look ahead at what to expect from UTSA.

Oklahoma v Baylor Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

If you’ve listened to the podcast over the past year or follow me on Twitter, you know that I’m a huge fan of the Postgame Fan Forum show on 1660 ESPN Central Texas after every home (and away?) game. Last year, the trio of Derek Smith, Jay Locket, and Elliot Coffey brought much-needed outlook and humor to a tumultuous season. Though Jay had to relinquish his hosting duties due to “real-life” concerns, last week Derek and Elliot picked up where they left off. On Saturday night they provided a balanced perspective on the Baylor’s loss to Liberty that was impressive when you consider the meltdown happening virtually everywhere else. They successfully threaded the needle in their analysis, remaining realistic and somewhat positive without sugarcoating any of the warts of the game.

For whatever reason, Baylor/1660 doesn’t make a podcast version of the Fan Forum, so it’s not publicly available for consumption. Because of that, I reached out to Elliot to see if he would join us. We are thrilled to have Coffey join us on the show. Elliot, a member of the last recruiting class signed by Guy Morriss, has unique insight on the challenges this particular squad is facing and was gracious enough to join us on the show to talk about that experience and talk about what this team might be thinking and feeling.

Some of the Stuff We’re Talking About:


  • Secondary Issues, with some bright spots in Harrison Hand and Blake Lynch (who was asked on SUNDAY to play defense)
  • Defensive Line pressure issues (and some perspective on how Liberty planned to avoid it and executed perfectly)
  • Buckshot Calvert and his merry band of receivers played a basically perfect game
  • Hopeful perspective looking ahead


  • Offense wasn’t the issue in this game, no matter what you might say
  • Anu Solomon brought the pain, and we were impressed
  • Chris Platt arrival party?
  • More that I can’t remember right now

Looking Ahead to UTSA

  • What needs to happen against a dangerous Roadrunners team
  • Injury updates
  • Secondary Players returning, including Jameson Houston, Rajah Preciado, Timarcus Davis, Davion Hall, and Henry Black
  • Ishmail Wainright takes over for the injured Jordan Feuerbacher
  • The Freshman Show at RB: John Lovett and Tristan Ebner

We’re also doing Picks of the Week and Shoutouts.

Huge thanks once again to Elliot Coffey. Just like his work on the Fan Forum, he brought an impressive combination of depth of knowledge, conversational style and humor that hopefully will help you make sense of an all-time brutal loss. We appreciate him coming on the show, and can’t wait to have him on again in the future.


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Thanks for listening, folks.

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