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Podcast: The Process Is Working - UPDATED!

An incredible game against top-ranked Oklahoma shows that Matt Rhule’s Process is working. We’re trusting it on the podcast this week.

NCAA Football: Baylor at Duke Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get to the show notes, our good friend Theodore Video provided us with the video/gif that we requested during last episode, with a notable special effect added. I hope you enjoy it.

It never, ever gets old. Now then, we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get on with the show, shall we?

Here’s What We’re Talking About:

We’re leading off the show with some talk about weird Canadian food... Poutine, “smoked meat” sandwiches... I dunno, man. Anyway, Fank is our correspondent in the Great White North this week, so that’s why we’re doing that.

We end up spending the vast majority of our time on Oklahoma, with good reason. That was a fantastic game. Baylor got punched in the mouth multiple times, and bounced back from each and every one of those punches. So, instead of talking about individual performances on each side of the ball, we’re meandering through the game semi-chronologically. That means we’re walking through the experience of the team getting punched in the mouth, then Zach Smith and Denzel Mims responding so well, then a kickoff, and a 99-yard return, and... You get the idea. We’re talking Taylor Young, Chris Platt, Terence Williams and John Lovett, Taion Sells being back, the crowd, the crazy second half, and how this game exceeded our expectations in basically every way.

Since we spend approximately 57 minutes on recapping this game, we spend... less on Kansas State. Sorry about that. We’ve got some stuff in the hopper to bring you some audio content regarding K-State before Saturday.

We’re also hitting those Shout-outs for RTs. Once again, retweet the show tweets, share the Facebook post (and let us know you’re doing it), and give us 5-Star reviews on iTunes and we’ll give you some love on the podcast!

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After we spent all of 3.2 minutes on Kansas State, I was feeling like we needed a bit more. Thankfully Elliot Coffey was wanting to jump back on the show, so we laid down some extra audio for your enjoyment! BONUS PODCAST!!!! ENJOY IT!!!!

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