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Podcast Episode 131: Elliot Coffey Breaks Down Duke, Previews Oklahoma

Elliot Coffey joins Fank and Peter once again to dive into the defensive improvements and look ahead to the coming of Oklahoma

Baylor v Duke
This is not Elliot Coffey.
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Elliot Coffey is back, y’all. Because of this, we decide to kick off the podcast with nearly ten minutes of barbecue talk. Because Texas barbecue is delicious and anyone who says that other styles of barbecue are fooling themselves. Elliot’s not a native, so his opinion matters greatly on this subject.

What else we talking about?

Duke, of course.

  • Fank gives us a recap of his trip to Durham, where apparently the Duke Band played Old Fight. It was a bold move, Cotton, but it apparently worked out for them.
  • Solid defensive outing, minus basically three or four plays.
  • The emergence of Clay Johnston and Eric Ogor (GET HIM ON THE FIELD, Elliot says)
  • Sacks, TFLs, solid red zone defending
  • But, on the other side of the ball... Things need work.
  • 9 First Downs. Woof.
  • Pass Protection Issues
  • Rushing attack issues

Oklahoma is coming to town.

  • Key Contributors returning: Terence Williams, Jordan Feuerbacher, Grayland Arnold, Taion Sells
  • Baker Mayfield is a dynamic player that’s played for approximately 17 different teams in 39 seasons of college football.
  • We didn’t actually talk about him, but Ogbonnia Okoronkwo. Probably good that we didn’t try to pronounce his name.

Plus we’re doing Picks of the Week and shoutouts for those that helped share the show. Remember, 5-star reviews, Retweets, and Facebook shares (that you remind us of on the original FB post) will earn you a shoutout on the next podcast!

AND OH YEAH. Coffey promised us some story time, and boy does he deliver the dish on mattisbear’s basketball “prowess.”


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