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Podcast: D_Fank and the Sunshine Band

Fank and Peter are all sunshine and rainbows after Baylor’s loss to UTSA as they look ahead to a Power 5 clash with a surging Duke team

Sunshine and rainbows on the podcast!
Pay no attention to the rugby pitch. It’s a beautiful rainbow, which is what we’re all about on the podcast.
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Note: Sorry for the delay in getting show notes up. Thursday was a scramble and Friday I... have no excuse. I’m only now getting around to it. Enjoy!

Well folks, after a second straight loss, things on the surface seem to be headed in the wrong direction... But that may not be the case, as the two losses couldn’t be more different from one another (other than the result, of course). Fank and I are back on the podcast this week to break down how Baylor lost to UTSA and how they might be able to right the ship against a surging Duke team. Let’s get into the notes.

Making Sense of a Close Loss

  • We saw some Defensive Improvement
  • Improvement over the course of the game
  • Impressive performance by players like Clay Johnston
  • After a solid Week 1, the Offensive struggles cost us
  • Coaches protecting players in thin spots?
  • Play Calling woes

Looking Ahead to a Strong Duke Team

  • Many, many changes to the depth chart
  • Zach Smith starting at QB while Anu Solomon is in concussion protocol
  • Ishmail Wainright out with illness
  • Changes to the offensive line
  • Dangerous dual-threat QB in Daniel Jones
  • Solid WR corps, with like 74 different players having caught a pass
  • Excellent Defensive unit that will test our new starter

Of course, we also do some picks of the week and the Shoutouts! Thank you again to all of those that participated!

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