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Podcast Episode 119: End of Season Recap, Big 12 Preview

Fank, Matt and Peter are back to discuss the end of the season, the Big 12 Tournament and much, much more.

NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

The regular season is over, the tournaments are about to begin! We’re back on the podcast to discuss everything that’s gone down over the past few weeks as the regular season drew to a close, including some individual performances and encouraging play. We’re also looking ahead to the Big 12 Tournament, of course. Plus, it wouldn’t be a pod with Fank, Matt and me without some healthy rails-off discussions. And oh yeah, a little bit of education on basketball terminology. Here’s what we’re on about:

  • Matt’s new nickname, apparently
  • Fank’s trip to NYC
  • Closing out the regular season since our last podcast
  • There were some concerns but we like what we saw on the final stretch of the regular season
  • Jake Lindsey - coming up strong in Manu Lecomte’s absence
  • Ode to Johnathan Motley
  • Basketball Positioning 101: Matt & Fank instruct me on the 2-guard and how it doesn’t really matter anymore because nobody really knows what a position is anymore
  • There’s some more here
  • Big 12 Tournament! - we’d rather be on this side of the bracket than the other side
  • The other side of the bracket is pretty tough (Matt and Fank think that TCU loses to OU)
  • Matt’s surprisingly focused analysis on Iowa State fans
  • K-State, and what to expect
  • Predictions
  • Shout-outs to: Baylor Lady Bears Basketball, a RANKED Baseball team (!!!!!), A&T, and other stuffs like Wikileaks
  • Peter done goofed, but then redeems himself...?
  • Yeah, we really should have ended this prolly 5 minutes earlier.

That’s all I’ve got. Enjoy, and Sic ‘em Bears!