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Podcast Episode #121: The SWEET Sixteen!

Recapping Baylor’s wins over NMSU and USC in the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament, plus looking ahead to USCe

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Baylor vs USC Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Hey folks, were you aware that despite winning over their first opponent by 18 points and then beating the team that beat a team folks generally thought would cruise past the Bears in the round of 32, this Baylor team isn’t anything special? That’s what some Yahoo thinks, apparently. Oh, and since South Carolina beat Duke, they’re totally going to beat Baylor too because everybody thought Duke was actually a #1 seed. Yeah, that’s how we’re leading off on this show.

While it’s a bit amazing how pundits aren’t giving Baylor any credit for their first two tournament victories, it doesn’t diminish the joy of reaching the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA Tournament for the fourth time this decade. So here's some of the things we’re talking about:

  • Matt’s struggles with scheduling
  • Breaking down the Baylor Bears win over New Mexico State
  • The challenges of the first half, but we weren’t worried.
  • Production from Terry Maston (Matt has a nickname here)!!!!!!
  • More from Sexy Al Freeman as well as Big Jo Lual-Acuil Jr.
  • The game against USC
  • Maston comes up big again, and the return of King McClure (did you know he can shoot the ball? The broadcast didn’t.)
  • Welcome back, Manu Lecomte
  • We have to appreciate how Johnathan Motley ended Metu’s career with that dunk
  • 2nd Half Stats
  • Basketball Terminology 101: The EuroStep
  • Jo’s block from NMSU. Incredible.
  • There’s more here but I forget
  • The Duke loss... and that meme (the tweet is below)*
  • We need your help (more below)
  • Looking ahead a bit to South Carolina and the path going forward
  • Your questions!

*As Fank pointed out to me when I showed him the images (and as deafkittens pointed out below), the meme is not Grayson Allen. Apologies for not knowing the difference between the various players on the Duke basketball team. They all look the same.

Your Help Needed!

We’re discussing it in the show, but we need your help with something clever to tweet at Gary Parrish, “Secret Verbal” style. Listen and you’ll hear our call for it. Let us know what you think!

A Good Tweet