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Podcast Episode 120: March Madness is Here

A bit of looking back at the Big 12 Tournament but mostly it’s March Madness Time!

NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

The Big 12 tournament is over, and now the true postseason begins. The bracket is set, the matchups are finalized, and we know who Baylor is playing in the first round: New Mexico State. Of course, this means that on the podcast, we promptly look past them to a potential second round matchup with SMU. Juuuuuuuuuust kidding. Well, sorta.

We’re all over the place this podcast. We’re talking brackets, Big 12 tournament, matchups with New Mexico State, potential second round matchups with SMU, the rest of the field, etc. Plus, y’all submitted a ton of reader questions, and we answered every single one of them. Beware: Matt’s got no time for anybody’s concerns. Here are some of our topics

  • The East Region is stacked, but Matt’s got no time for that nonsense.
  • None of us have time for people telling us not to overlook NMSU.*
  • Our path isn’t the greatest, but neither is anybody else’s.
  • Reminder: the first game of the tournament is always UGLY, even if Baylor wins (remember SHSU in 2010?)
  • Taking a closer look at NMSU
  • A bit about the Big 12 Tournament, K-State’s desperation, and why we shouldn’t worry about it.
  • My concern with Manu Lecomte from the K-State game
  • Brief WingStop talk
  • Baylor’s seeding. Matt’s got no time for hypothetical questions about seeding.
  • Reader Questions!
  • Matt’s got no time for West Texas
  • baylorsigx11 asks a question wherein he compares Baylor to Dane Cook. SHAME. ON. YOU.
  • Matt’s got no time for our dislike of Daylight Savings Time
  • Matt’s got no time for Terry Maston
  • More answers!

*Look. We all agree that the basketball team can’t look past NMSU. If they do, they’re destined for another one-and-done performance in the NCAA Tournament. That said, we’re not on the team, and won’t be releasing another podcast before the second round, should Baylor win. So, we’re looking at both.

Thanks to everyone who sent us questions! They were really good, and it was fun spending the bulk of the show on them. Hope y’all enjoy!