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Podcast: Recapping Baylor’s Victory over Kansas, Previewing Texas Tech

The Bears get off the schneid against Kansas, securing their first victory! The BUTT Bowl cometh! Coffey needs help with winter clothing! All on this episode of OurDailyPodcast.

IIIIIISHHHHHHH Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images

BEARS WIN BEARS WIN BEARS WIN!!! Yeah, this is only several days late, but it’s still a good thing and we’re happy about it. Let’s hop into it.

  • Another tale of 3 quarters, this time 3 solid quarters
  • The “put it together game” we’ve been hoping for
  • Yes... This is just Kansas, but wins are wins, and something you can build on
  • Gavin Holmes is emerging as a solid #2 receiver behind Denzel Mims
  • Ish Wainright finally caught a touchdown!
  • Tight End targets were fun as all get out
  • Excellent defensive line production, with contributions from each and every member of the team
  • Charlie Brewer’s TD pass to Jordan Feuerbacher was a thing of beauty
  • Texas Tech is a strange bird that isn’t easy to figure out
  • Are they a demoralized team from losing 5 of 6, or are they a team playing to save their coach’s job?
  • They’ll get theirs, but they’ll give Baylor the opportunity to get ours, too
  • Much and more
  • PICKS OF THE WEEEK. It’s a fun slate this week, y’all.

Sorry no shoutouts this week. Fatherly duties got in the way, but we’ll resume those next week with an extra helping! Thanks for listening everyone!


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