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Podcast: BUTT Bowl Recap & Iowa State Preview

Coffey, Fank, & Peter return to recap the BUTT game, make Taylor Young-José Altuve comparisons, CFP hypotheticals, plus previewing Senior Day and Iowa State and picks!

Taylor. Young. Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get into the show notes, allow me to stop down on a personal note. Last night I went into recording pretty low energy. It’s been a tough week all around dealing with life in general, so while I was looking forward to podcasting, I wasn’t overjoyed about dealing with another Baylor loss. But that quickly changed. After recording, I tweeted this out:

This is the truth. David and Elliot quickly pulled me out of my doldrums and we had a lot of fun recording this episode. And this tweet is absolutely true for me. Last year was an incredibly rough year of podcasting. Everything that went down off the field and then how it bled over onto the football field in the second half of the season left me feeling drained and sorta burned out on podcasting.

Reenter David Fankhauser. Fank’s enthusiasm for the show brought me out of my summer doldrums and infused me with new energy for recording the show. I started finding guests to come on the show, which brought us some fun new guests like Craig Smoak, S11, and, of course, Elliot Coffey. Elliot brings a new level of knowledge and insight to the show, and combines it with his sparkling personality and wit. Now if only we could get him a computer and microphone, we’ll be set for the future!

I couldn’t ask for a better set of cohosts for the show. Also, thank you so much to those of you that have stuck around during this rough stretch. Your comments, mentions, retweets, shares, and 5-star reviews have meant the world to me. We love doing this, but we do it for y’all. Thank you for listening.

Ok. Show notes!

  • Ignoring turnovers and final score while looking at the stat sheet, you’d never guess who won the game.
  • Deathblow to Baylor’s hopes against Tech - 2nd quarter: 3 trips inside the red zone, 0 points.
  • Gavin Holmes goes down. That’s it, everyone is injured. You just tore your MCL reading this note.
  • It turns out that Charlie Brewer is a true freshman, but he still makes plays and he set a Baylor completion record. That’s... not necessarily a good thing?
  • Don’t let narrative distract you; this defense only gave up 24 points to a potent Red Raider offense.
  • And we owe Taylor Young a TON of thanks and admiration. Whether he ends up in the League or in coaching, we’ll be supporting him.
  • Senior Day! Iowa State is a tough team to figure out.
  • Their offensive advanced stats are not good, but they feature one of the best RB/WR combos we’ve faced in David Montgomery and Allen Lazard - shutting them down will be difficult
  • More talk about Iowa State
  • The worst slate of picks ever.

At some point in here I mention Dan Mullen’s hilarious response to a question about who else recruited QB Nick Fitzgerald and promised to include it in the show notes. Here you go.


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