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Podcast: Homecoming and West Virginia

Coff, Fank, and Peter come back together to look back briefly at the worst game of the season and look forward to some opportunities against West Virginia.

Oklahoma State v Baylor Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Homecoming is upon us, folks. Bonfires! Pigskin! Pep rallies! Parades! Possibly other things that start with P! There are tons of fun things to participate in, and we’re “commemorating” it with a bit of a “special” intro this week. I hope you enjoy.

We discuss it ever so briefly on the show, but this week Baylor continues the Stripe McLane tradition that was instituted in 2014 for Homecoming! In case you’re going to the game but are still unsure of what color to wear for your section, here’s your handy guide:

Everybody square? Good. Let’s continue.

The Show

Here are some of the things that Coffey, Fank and I are talking about on this week’s episode:

  • The Briefest of Recaps of Baylor’s loss to Oklahoma State (woof)
  • Bright spots in the game (running game, walk on kicker Jay Sedwick)
  • Big 12 Outlook and the rest of the country (Beside Alabama, is anybody actually any good?)
  • Homecoming!
  • West Virginia Preview:
  • Injury Report: John Lovett, Pooh Stricklin, Jamie Jacobs all doubtful, K.J. Smith definitely out
  • Thoughts Anu Solomon as well as theories on the offense
  • The Mountaineer offense is pretty freaking good (of course)
  • Will Grier and his “four horsemen” (David Sills (aka the story of the season), Gary Jennings, Ka'Raun White, and Marcus Sims)
  • (I meant to mention it, but their rushing attack is very good also)
  • BUT! Good news, everyone! Their defense is not great!
  • Keys to victory
  • Picks of the Week
  • Shoutouts


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