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Podcast Episode #115: Our Newest Episode Ever

Fank and Pope return to the podcast to cover a metric crap ton of stuff including the Cactus Bowl, a bit of recruiting, coach/staffing hires, and some basketball!

NCAA Football: Cactus Bowl-Boise State vs Baylor
Thank you, Coach Grobe.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

How is everyone? The Holidays treat you well? Have a good New Years? Excellent. There’s just a ton of stuff to cover, and we did it all last night on the podcast. Let’s get to it, shall we?

  • CACTUS BOWL! Who saw that coming?! If you’re raising your hand, a couple of things. First, put your hand down... You’re at a computer or looking at a mobile device. Nobody can see your hand. Second, you’re lying. Maybe you had the hope or the sneaking suspicion. I certainly hoped that’d be the case, but expectations aren’t hopes. That was, without question, the best game we saw from this team all season.
  • Yeah, we’re talking about the defense in the game. Taylor Young, Orion Stewart, Travon Blanchard, and Tyrone Hunt all were spectacular in this game, in what was a vintage Phil Bennett defensive performance. Bending, but very little breaking.
  • Zach Smith grew up right before our eyes. He found K.D. Cannon again and again, who had a worthy final performance in a Baylor uniform.
  • Of course, we can’t not talk about Jim Grobe and what this program owes that man. Thank you again, Coach Grobe for all you’ve done.
  • STAFFING HIRES! Matt Rhule is filling out his staff, and since we haven’t recorded a podcast since the night he was introduced, we’re doing that now. I promised a list of Twitter accounts... That’ll be below these notes.
  • BASKETBALL! We still suck. Even though the team is the highest it’s ever been ranked in the history of the program. There’s a TON to be excited about with this team, and it’s got even me looking forward to conference play.
  • Our usual awkward finish because we don’t know what else to say. I really should get better at that.

Coaching Staff Twitter Handles!

Matt Rhule - @CoachMattRhule

Co-OC: Jeff Nixon - ??? (if you know his Twitter account let me know)
Co-OC: Matt Lubick - @CoachLubick
O-Line: George DeLeone - @CoachDeLeoneTU
TBD: Shawn Bell - @CoachShawnBell
TBD: Joey McGuire - @coach_mcguire50

Defensive Coordinator: Phil Snow @CoachSnowTU
Defensive Line: Elijah Robinson @CoachE_BU
Linebackers: Mike Siravo @BUCoachMike
Defensive Backs: Francis Brown @CoachFranBU

Director of Player Personnel: Evan Cooper @evancooper2
Director of Operations: Sean Padden @SeanJPadden
Assistant Director of Football Operations: Ryan Kelly @RyanKelly_BU
TBD: David Wetzel @coachdwetzel

Yeah, some of them still haven’t updated their handles to not have “TU” in them. I imagine that’s because they’re pretty busy with other things, like RECRUITING THE HECK OUT OF EVERYTHING THAT MOVES.