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Podcast Episode 104: Recapping Baylor 35, Oklahoma State 24

It wasn’t really intended to, but this podcast ended up being something of a love letter to this defense, which despite its 3rd down struggles, impressed us.

Oklahoma State v Baylor Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

At the outset, apologies for getting this out a day later than normal. Given the rain delay, I didn’t get home until about 2:30 Sunday morning. I didn’t expect just how much that would take out of me (insert Peter is old joke here).

At any rate, Baylor beat Oklahoma State 35-24 on Saturday to improve to 4-0. While the defense didn’t do a great job on third downs from time to time, the overall defensive performance was impressive, given the fact that outside of the first touchdown allowed (on an ultra-short field), the defense only gave up 17 points, despite being on the field for roughly the same amount of time that I’ve been alive.

Here’s what we’re talking about:

  • The weather delay was weird.
  • That defense. Yes. We’re talking more about the defense.
  • Verkedric Vaughns, Travon Blanchard, Patrick Levels, Aivion Edwards. And the rest of the defense.
  • There's still room for improvement, though. Plenty of it.
  • Seth Russell was solid, both on the ground and through the air.
  • Chris Platt caught the football in two major spots.
  • Ishmael Zamora’s immediate impact

There’s more. Listen and enjoy!

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