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Podcast Episode 103: Rice/Non-conference Recap & Oklahoma State Preview

Recapping the Rice game, non-conference for both Baylor and the Big 12, plus previewing Oklahoma State

NCAA Football: Baylor at Rice Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

We learn from our mistakes! Instead of breaking out the Rice recap, we decided to go ahead and combine last week’s recap with the preview of the Oklahoma State game this week. Depending on everything, we’ll most likely go back to splitting out recaps and previews so that we can spend a bit more time discussing the activities of the rest of college football and the Big 12 in particular, but we’ll see how the weekend goes and give you an update at some point. At any rate, it’s podcast time!

Here’s what we’re talking about

  • 5 Off-the-field happenings of the last 72+ hours (well, 4 really and one admonishment)
  • Recapping Rice, the struggles, and the encouragements we saw from the game
  • The Big 12’s performance in non-conference
  • The state of the Big 12 Race as 14 of the season is complete
  • The Oklahoma State preview
  • This is the Mason Rudolph Show
  • Peter struggles to remember James Washington is not, in fact, former Rangers manager Ron Washington (I blame Fank for this)
  • Keys for the offense and defense
  • Picks of the week!
  • Dunk-a-roos. You can still get them.

Enjoy the show!

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