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Podcast Episode 102: How Dare YOU? Previewing the Rice Owls

Fank and Peter are back to preview Rice, discuss their favorite teams in NFL Blitz and Tecmo Bowl, AND your questions!

Travon Blanchard set to return for Baylor @ Rice
He’s BACK!
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

When we decided to do a show dedicated to recapping SMU and Week Two, we were looking solely at the amount of discussion there was to be had from the second week of college football... Not the Baylor Bears’ upcoming game with the Rice Owls. In retrospect, that probably was a mistake.

It’s not that this game can’t possibly present a challenge for the Bears—a confluence of events could absolutely make this a difficult challenge for the team—it’s that on paper, there really isn’t a ton of danger to present. Nevertheless, we soldier on and, defying all expectations, even managed to run a little long on this show. So! What is it, then, that we’re talking about? I’m glad you asked!

  • Peter’s country of origin
  • Our preferred teams to use in both NFL Blitz and Tecmo Bowl
  • SHOCK: The Big 12 may not expand (GASP!)
  • Injury updates to Travon Blanchard, Ryan Reid, and Pooh Stricklin
  • Rice... is not good.
  • Like, really, really not good.
  • Like 119th in total offense, 121st in total defense bad
  • I mean, they’re ranked 99th in Offensive S&P+ and 123rd in Defensive S&P+
  • So we’re talking about what we WANT to see out of the Bears this week.
  • Picks of the Week!

Thanks to all those that answered the call for questions yesterday. We got some really good ones, some silly ones, and some less than great. Some we didn’t get to, and some we sort of answered as we were talking about the game. And one gave David the chance to show of his impressive knowledge of wild rice types. This is stellar radio, folks.

Plus, given that Fank is a cotton-headed ninnymuggins and doesn’t watch Game of Thrones, I’m putting David Hornbeak’s question to the commentariat: If Baylor players were Game of Thrones characters, who would they be? I want to see your responses!

Thanks for tuning in!

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