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Podcast Episode 101: Patrick Levels-ed Everybody

Fank and Peter are back to recap Week Two’s defeat of SMU, plus recap some of the more interesting storylines from around the Big 12.

NCAA Football: Southern Methodist at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the White Out was a success, if not a resounding one, both on and off the field. Some inconsistent play, sloppy penalties, plus a well-prepared SMU Mustangs team made for a rough Saturday, but in the end the Baylor Bears came out on top, and that’s really what matters, isn’t it? Survive and advance. We’re back with another podcast to talk about it.

Before we do, a brief personal note... If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I brought my 4-year old daughter with me to the game. It was her first time at McLane Stadium and her first game since she was about 10 months old (and she made it through only one quarter... It was way too hot and too loud for her). She had an absolute blast meeting everyone, playing at tailgates and watching the game. Thanks to everyone who introduced themselves to her... You helped make it a really special day.

But anyway, Fank and I are back on the pod, recapping this game! Here’s some of our topics:

  • The White Out, how it looked in the stadium and on TV
  • Struggles on both sides of the ball early, possible distractions from the week
  • How last year’s first two games are keeping us from pushing the panic button just yet
  • Defense rising to the occasion
  • Davion Hall (TOOTIE!!), Patrick Levels, Orion Stewart had themselves great games.
  • Injuries to Pooh Stricklin and Ryan Reid - hopefully both back soon
  • Penalties, penalties, penalties. It wasn’t great, but there were some pretty questionable calls, too.

We also hit on some of the happenings around the Big 12:

  • The generally abysmal Week Two for the entire Big 12 (4-5 overall)
  • Oklahoma State vs. Central Michigan and the Intentional Grounding Debacle
  • TCU-Arkansas and the Joe Tess effect*
  • Texas Tech still doesn’t have a defense, it seems.

*Andy Staples has a great write-up about the Joe Tessitore effect on college football chaos that I highly recommend checking out. He mentions the wild 2011 Baylor vs. TCU game and Robert Griffin III’s throw against OU from 2011 - Joe Tess called both of those games for ESPN. Anyway, check out the article. It’s fun.

Thanks for tuning in! Hope you enjoy this recap pod.

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