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Podcast Episode 99: Season Predictions and Burrito Bowls

It's go time. Baylor squares off against Northwestern State TOMORROW, and we're doing our season predictions on the podcast.

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Game Day Eve is HERE! That's right, in less than 36 hours, your Baylor Bears will take the field and begin their 2016 campaign against Northwestern State. One more dawn. One more day. One day more! Finally, we can say goodbye to the uncertainty and speculation, and focus on actual, on-the-field football again. It's been too long in coming.

David Fankhauser is back with me again for the predictions podcast, and we're thrilled to welcome Kendall Kaut to the show for the very first time! Kendall's joining us to make our game-by-game predictions like we've done every year thus far. The big question: will I continue my streak of predicting a 12-0 season? SPOILER: Nope. Sorry. But check out the show to hear what each of us predict for each game! Kendall also shares his brief run-in with KU Head Coach David Beaty in a Chipotle. It's... bizarre.

We also put out the call for listener predictions, and you responded in spades. We had too many to get to in the episode (and some were just too silly, but that's how it goes), but we really appreciate all of the feedback and questions that you sent in. There were some REALLY good predictions to be had here.

Your Turn!

Okay, now it's your turn! Give us your season predictions. What's Baylor's record? Where do they finish? What's their bowl game (if you have them going to a bowl)? Who are the Offensive/Defensive MVPs? Breakout player? Impact Freshman? Etc. We want your responses!

Thanks again everyone. Given the slate of games this weekend (and the nature of Game 1 for Baylor), we may end up combining the recap show with the preview for next week against SMU. We're not sure yet, but we'll keep you posted on that early on next week.

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