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Podcast Episode 98: 2016 Team Preview!

The podcast is BACK for game week with the first of two episodes this week. Hooray!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We're back, baby. You can rest easy, the podcast is finally back, and we're here in time to talk Baylor Bears football. We're excited. You're excited... At least we're pretty sure you're excited. If you're not excited, you should get excited. Because it's GAME WEEK! And there's a podcast, at long last. Okay I'm done.

Mark's crazy schedule is still keeping him out of pocket, so I roped David Fankhauser into coming on I mean David Fankhauser graciously agreed to join me in co-hosting this episode of the podcast! He's also agreed to do another show, so we're going to record the Season Predictions show on Wednesday night. Look for that Thursday at some point. Anyway, stuff we're talking about!

The Offense

  • Ishmael Zamora and the suspension saga (ugh)
  • The wide receiver corps in general, but also expectations for Chris Platt and KD Cannon
  • Seth Russell and DO NOTHING TO HURT HIM
  • Peter DOES NOT want Blake Lynch to be destroyed. I promise
  • The offensive line has very little experience, but will be interesting to watch
  • More stuff I can't remember right now

The Defense

  • The front seven sports a lot of new names, once again. And is smaller.
  • Looks like we're going full 3-4. Should be interesting
  • Strengths of the defense: LB corps and secondary
  • With Chance Waz suspended, the opportunity is there for Davion Hall to make his mark
  • We're actually excited about Ryan Reid because we think he'll be good
  • Defense is going to be super interesting to watch

Plus we take your questions! Thanks to all that asked them. Sorry for those that we weren't able to get to!

Bonus Audio! A brief discussion with Ted Harrison

Ted Harrison, aka Tedvid, stopped by for a few minutes to talk about his latest hype video and his new gig as Director of Media Or Something Similar But I Can't Remember at SicEm365, the new Baylor fansite launched yesterday. The video is only available on their site, so we can't embed it here, but you should absolutely go check it out by clicking this link. Ted's also talking to us about the other things he's working on with SicEm365. It sounds pretty exciting.

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