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Podcast Episode 97: Batting Five Herman

Mark and Peter are back to recap everything that's happened in the past couple of months. It's time we moved forward.

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Well, here we are. Four months later. Kind of a lot's happened, hasn't it?

My wife had a baby. Yay! Basketball unpleasantness happened in the Tournament. Boo. Mark stepped down, and we have a new blog manager. It needed to happen, given Mark's commitments to his family and profession. And then things fell apart.

It's not pleasant, but we have to talk about it at least some. Art Briles is no longer the head football coach of Baylor football. Ian McCaw is no longer our Athletic Director. All but one of the 2017 recruiting class decided to reopen their recruitment. The 2016 class has noticeably shrunk, with many commits being released from their letters of intent to attend and play for other schools. We have to talk about all of this, at least a bit.

Despite all of that, the outlook for 2016 is still remarkably good, considering the circumstances. We have an interim head coach in Jim Grobe, one of the best possible choices for the interim position. The rest of the coaching staff remains intact. The nucleus of this team is still here, albeit with some noted thinness in depth in the offensive and defensive lines, as well as the quarterback position due to the departure of Jarrett Stidham. We're talking about all of this.

There's some objectively positive news, too. Mack Rhoades is officially our Athletic Director, a move that has been largely praised by those who know things about Athletic Directors. I'm not one of those people (that knows things about ADs, that is), but I'm encouraged by some of the things I've heard about him.

Plus we're talking about the news from yesterday regarding a potential coach, whether it happened or not, what it means, and what we should think about it. Mark and I have our ideas about who we think the next head coach will be, and we've got 3-5 names that we're talking about here. We also spend some time on Nick Saban, his tiny hands, and his secret love for Chip and Joanna Gaines and their show Fixer Upper. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST PEOPLE. You won't hear it anywhere else, because we made it up.

Get ready, folks. Football is coming.

But seriously - look at these hands:

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