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Podcast: Things Fall Apart

Fank and Peter try to make sense of the weirdest weekend of Baylor football in a very, very long time.

TCU v Baylor Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

NOTE: We recorded this on Monday night, and it’s been on the podcast feed since Tuesday morning, but work/sick baby/election/etc. happened and prevented me from finishing up these show notes.

So. We all know what happened. It would have been easy to not talk about it, to skip this recap podcast. It would have fit with the way that we’ve approached things this season. If you’ve listened to our discussions this season, you know that we’ve deliberately avoided talk of the off-the-field situations, because we wanted to focus on the players and supporting their efforts on the field. Well, those situations and issues invaded the field on Saturday with aplomb. So much so that we had to address it.

I’ll say up front that I realize the issues discussed herein are divisive and have created a lot of discord amongst folks. If you disagree with what we say, that’s fine. Let’s keep discussions as civil as possible here.

We do talk about a couple of bright spots from Saturday up front. But the rest of it is somewhat scattershot, so I’m not sure I have more to write in this post. But please, give it a listen and we can talk about it if you like. Thanks folks, and Sic ‘em.

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